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About Us:
Washington Vedic Cultural Foundation Inc. (wvcf) is a 501 (c)(3) voluntary nonprofit organization involved in various religious, educational and cultural practices. Hinduism is the modern popular name of the world's oldest religion and culture. WVCF is created to provide a platform for preaching Sanatan Hindu religion equitable way to the Hindu Community of Washington DC Metro area. The soul of Sanatan Dharma resides in it's vedic and scientific culture that exists in it's basic beliefs. This society is thus dedicated for the enhancement of integrity among Hindu Community and maintenance of the glorious scientific and vedic culture of Sanatan Dharma which exists since ancient times. It is predominantly a Bengali organization which focusses on mental well being and relationship building by organising various Bengali religious and cultural events like Durga puja, Saraswati puja, Bangla Nababarsha. This group is also for studying, researching and imbibing various Hindu Shastras and connecting spirituality with Vedic culture. Despite being the oldest and modest religion of the world, we have somewhere lost our rich heritage and this organization is a platform providing our future generations a scope to learn about our ancient social as well as cultural practices and be proud of it.

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